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English concept with person holding a smartphone
The Interland School of Languages’ teacher, Rachel, has chosen some tips to help you to improve your English. They are all very simple to follow and if you dedicate some time to them every day, you’ll learn a lot without being even aware of it.
Listen to English-language radio
“You can listen to English radio, like the BBC’s 6-minute podcasts for English learners, on you way to work or college; it helps a lot.”
Watch films in the original version
“Fortunately, many cinemas in Spain now offer screenings of films with their original English soundtracks as well as showing them in the typical dubbed versions. You will love hearing the actors’ real voices”.
Read English books
“For some people it can be annoying to read English books, because when your level is low you have to keep translating all the time and it takes ages to finish it. So, why don’t you read some articles or magazines about something you like? They are shorter and will still give you new vocabulary”.
“Do you follow a youtuber? There are many British American youtubers and bloggers who have their own channels. You only need to find the topic you like. Recipes, arts and crafts, fishing, DIY, make-up tutorials, video games, etc.”.
Conversational meetings
“In Spain there are some pubs that organize conversational meetings in their facilities. You will be able to practice your speaking and meet new and interesting people. It’s the perfect deal!”
Giving directions to tourists
“Any excuse is good to practice. Giving directions to tourists in Valencia can be your excuse and they will be very grateful”.
“Of course, the best way to learn English is by travelling. When there is no way to find people who understand Spanish you have to speak in English”.
Anyway, you can combine all of these tips with attending a language academy and be guided in the right direction. Now that you know how to optimize your time and your resources you can start the adventure of learning a new language!